When you writing a comic story or novel The relationship between the characters and the plot is important.A hero is an active character. Or the Protagonist. We create heroes Both male and female In order to be the center of the plot.In order to make a hero to be remembered by readers And the most pleasant to read.To do that we need to

  1. Create a problem for the hero (or weakness that needs to be solved)
  2. 2.’Want’ (or what the hero is trying to pursue)
  3. ‘Need’ that the hero learns from life lessons
    just thinking about these three. The story looks a lot more grounded and worth reading. I haven’t talked about the plot yet.Let’s look at these three topics in detail again.The readers don’t care. Regardless of how perfect heroes are, on the contrary, a perfect hero seems boring. And looks unrealistic and the problem is the character’s weaknesses Should not have an effect on one side only Character weaknesses Should have an effect on all aspects of character life, whether studying, Career, Or their relationship When people read the story Must feel that Why is this character’s life so screw?

If the character has no weakness Or things to fix now We will not have to read the progress. We read because we want to see the character growth and the solution of that character. Good novels or cartoons bring characters with many problems. To make that character have less problems. But it is not enough to cause your character to have problems or weaknesses. Your character must have the most wanted thing in his/her life. That is the goal in life. That will make him/her “think” that if he/she has acquired that, his/her life will be happy. Such as being famous, Success in life Or get a good grade , Have a good relationship Can solve murder cases, and so on.

That’s what the character wants. And made him struggle to be on our novel or cartoon page The reader will want to know if the character has been read and get what he hoped for or not.

So ask yourself What is the character that is wanting in life? Not just happiness Because it’s too wide and not too specific Including difficult to handle too. Things that the hero or character wants Should be tangible, accessible, and even know whether or not you have received it, such as a house, a car, or a million followers, world champion, magical power, or jailbreak. Something that readers can root for and support what the character wants and wants It doesn’t come easily. Because if it’s easy Readers will not have any reason to continue reading. It won’t have a story. That’s the reason why we shouldn’t make matters Unravel too easily

Well, now let’s talk about the goal or purpose of the character. The purpose of the character Can change as the story progresses when a character wants something and tries to get it, it causes the story to move forward.

And the second thing that we must remember is the character does not always have to get what he or she wants. Why do you know? Getting what you think you want and thing you need to have is different The character will reach the end of the story. When he learned From “what he really need” Not “what he thinks he wants”

There are things that the character, including people, constantly misunderstand, such as fame, home, car, or others that the character wants. Will bring happiness, but happiness is much deeper than those things. To think that those things are the way to be happy like quick fix or a quick solution.

At the same time, those needs are things that are not objects or quick fixes. We have to act like a psychologist who identifies the real problem of the character and what it is. That is the real problem The real problem in the character’s life is the shards of glass the character that is left and leaving scars. Make the character Behave like that And have a weakness like that

What happened to him that made him behave like that We have to sit and think what is the thing that will solve the problem for that character’s life. And that is the point that makes your story Can be a good story that the character wants, we call it A, or Point A, where things happen from the superficial level, such as war, chase, new spell casting, a government that holds absolute power, etc. At the same time, there will be a B story or story B that happens. We call it the thrill of the real story or the premise of the story. Which is happening within Is something that characters must learn in order to change their lives. And become a different person. B story is what our novel or cartoon really is or about this story really

For example, the ready player one is not a battle story in the game. But it is about A shy boy who has to learn to connect with the real world. And the good news is that we don’t have to sit and write this because regardless of what the novel or cartoon is about There are only 10 problems with characters that come from the ten universal problems that humans have in real life.

1. Forgive yourself and others

2. Love. Love yourself, family or young love.

3. Self-esteem or situation Or reality

4. Belief in yourself in the world

5. Survival And the desire to survive

6. Fear

7. Non-attachment to identity Whether it is self-sacrifice or overcoming greed

8. Responsibility

9. Trust

10.redemption Accepting blame

But many people might say that they don’t want to write about these things. Want to write fun action Or just lovers But good story There are always lessons hidden there. That will make us a good storyteller.